WordPress Replacement Login and Register Screens

This WordPress Plugin will replace the out-of-the-box WordPress user login and register screens.

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This plugin provides a complete replacement for the standard WP login interface.
Provides a password recovery system, password expired management and new user registration.

Simply download and install the plugin, activate it.

Customizable to integrate with LDAP-LPRM plugin ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ldap

Captcha integration with Really Simple CAPTCHA ( http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/really-simple-captcha/ )

Configurations include pulling content as wrapper to the function forms.

Features include:

* CSS ready for 100% customization
* Include or exclude active theme Javascript and CSS resources.
* Replacement Login form.
* Replacement Registration form.
* Password recovery interface.
* Optional password expirary management.
* Full system logging via syslog
* Fully customizable expired password reset and password recovery and user registration procedures.
* All control pages are customizable via blog-posts.


    • All the settings are optional. The plugin simply replaces the WordPress login and register pages. Basically, there are several screen displays for all the states of register, login, and so forth. For each of these screens, you can assign a Page or Post ID to be displayed on that screen. The form generated from the plugin will be wrapped in the page content. Let me know if I can help further.

  1. Hi,

    I just installed your plugin today! Honestly, it is simple and well-made. The problem I am having is when the user clicks on login on register, he/she is taken to a dark page with the form. How do I fix this? Can I make it appear on a jquery/modal window?

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      The dark screen you experienced was due to a bug in the code. Please be sure to download the latest version of the plugin as this issue has been resolved.

      I have implemented the forms for register and login in a AJAX modal manner. The work is outside the scope of the plugin. I am available for consulting and support for hire. If you’re interested in having the plugin implemented as an AJAX modal window, contact me on this. /Frank

  2. How do i activate captcha? I says, Enter code but i don’t see any captcha code.

    i already have Really Simple CAPTCHA installed and activated.

    • The login-register plugin should automatically detect the activated CAPTCHA plugin and begin to display it on the forms.

      Let me know what version of Really Simple CAPTCHA you’re using. Perhaps there’s a newer version of CAPTCHA that revised things enough to disable the detection logic in my plugin. I will match your environment and test the issue.

      Thanks for using my plugin.

  3. Hello Frank,
    Thank you for creating this plug-in – if I weren’t so unsavvy on this stuff it probably *would* work very well! 🙂 One thing I ran into was that my theme runs Re-Captcha… is there any problem with running them both? I’m pretty sure this is a “yes” but I really cannot get rid of the other or I will not have a Captcha on the majority of my site =( Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…
    Thanks again!

    • There shouldn’t be a problem with my plugin code and re-captcha, but my plugin used “really simple captcha” … there may be a conflict using both captcha plugins but I can not certain on that and don’t personally know if there is such a conflict. I have chosen “Really Simple Captcha” over the others as I feel it is less trouble for legitimate users and still offers the same protection as any captcha solution.

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