Perl and PHP Knowledge Assessment Results

In preparation for 2017, and as part of my gearing up and for seeking new clients in 2017, I took a couple exams that are designed to measure knowledge in technology skills. My goal is to find solid relationships as a LAMP Software Developer. In support of this goal, I felt it would be valuable to have an independent assessment company back me on my self-proclaimed skills.

I took two exams with International Knowledge Measurement, IKM, using their leading IT assessment solution, TeckCheck. These tests were sponsored by recruiter support at

The two tests where for PERL 5 PROGRAMMING, 48 questions with a time limit of 120 minutes, and PHP 5 PROGRAMMING, 54 questions with a time limit of 135 minutes.

I completed all questions for both tests withing the allotted time, 70 minutes for the Perl 5 test, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for the PHP 5 test. My test results, below, show that I tested within the top 89% for PHP and top 94% for PERL.

IKM TeckCheck Results

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