Motorcycle Ride, Round Trip, Tuscon to Lake Tahoe, October 2015

This ride is a planned 7 day loop ride starting from Tucson to Lake Tahoe. Planned for October 2015. Riders: Don, Frank and Manny.

3 Amigos, Manny, Don & Frank.

For Frank, starting from the most southern point of the ride, the trip begins in Tucson on Sunday, October 11th. Don and Manny will begin the ride from the northeast Phoenix area and from Wickenburg.

This trip is a planned 7 day ride, starting on Sunday, October 11th, ending on Saturday, October 17th. Estimated total riding miles: 2104, 36.5 riding hours, average 5.5 hours a day. Day 1 rides for each rider gets everyone started in Parker for start of day 2. The route includes riding 395 north through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in California, starting from the desert of southern Arizona, with 1st night stop in Parker California. The journey is planned to ride through Death Valley, up through Bridgeport California, a stop in Bodie California, then up past Lake Tahoe, on to Carson City. Then from Carson City, follow US50 (the Loniest Highway) eastward to Ely Nevada. From Ely, head south on US93 through Calienta and into the Valley of Fire, then to Hoover Dam in Boulder City.

This trip totals ended up being very close to planned, at 2227 miles for Frank, 2000 miles for Don and 1968 miles for Manny.

Ride safe and enjoy.

The Riders


The Bikes

Don, Harley Davidson.
Frank, BMW.
Manny, Harley Davidson w/Go-Pro Helmet.

1st half the ride, Tucson to Carson City, 1036 miles, 18.5 hours
2nd half the ride, Carson City to Tucson, 1049 miles, 17.5 hours

Map of Full Loop Ride


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