Northern Alabama Ride, Bloundsville, Oneneta, Covered Bridges Loop

During our month long stay in Northern Alabama, my wife and I rode several day runs in the area. It’s very hard to find an unfriendly paved road in Alabama. The roads in this area are smooth, slightly hilly and fun motorcycling curves.

Route 65 from Huntland Tennessee to Paint Rock Alabama, is superb. This road is smooth, runs in and out of the mountain and forest and farm lands. I’ll do this one again if I get a chance.

A state motorcycle flier turned us on to a 3-covered bridge ride in Blountsville and Oneoneta. This loop ride passes through those 3 bridges. To be honest, it’s possible I’d never have found them had I not stopped in at a local gas station and asked. I got lucky, the guy I talked to turned out to be the local school bus driver who ran those back roads 5 days a week. It was fun to do these.
South of Geraldine, there’s plenty of smooth open county roads passing farms and vineyards. Look for a cool place called Tigers for Tomorrow on your ride in this area.

Northern Alabama Ride, Bloundsville, Oneneta, 3-covered Bridges, Paint Rock, 230 mile loop. 5hrs.
See the map.

Northern Alabama Loop Ride Map.

Northern Alabama Loop Ride.