Motorcycle Ride Journals

Loading the Goldwing into the Newmar Canyon Star Berni & I on our 2010 Goldwing during a summer ride in Missouri 2016

My wife and I enjoy motorcycle touring. I ride, she as pillion rider. I ride solo on my BMW RT1200 or together on our 1800 Goldwing. Both bikes offer incredible riding experiences.

If we’re out on a long journey it is usually with our riding friends, Don and Manny. As a group, we’ve logged many hours and miles of road.

We make many shorter runs. But when we ride for more than 4 days I keep a journal of our ride for reflection of the enjoyment of the journey as well as to help other riders use our notes and experiences to plan and enjoy the same route or similar routes.

Checkout some of our rides below:

May of 2014 Ride to Jasper and the Rocky Mountains.

October of 2015 Ride in the Nevada Sierra Mountains.

December Ride 2015, Silver City, Portal, Bisbee.

Summer 2016 Ride in Texas With Dave

County T and Wild Horse Creek Road in Missouri, 2016

September Ride 2016, Bangor Maine, Niagra Falls, Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Mountains