Motorcycle Ride, May 2014

My wife, Berni, and I and two good friends, Don and Manny embarked upon a motorcycle ride adventure in May, 2014.

The Whole Gang
This website is a journal of the planning and of the rides we followed. While planning for our trip, I was inspired and found useful the information at the Whizmo & Gizmo website. Some of the trips documented there overlap some of the rides we followed. For example the "The British Columbia Spaghetti Tour", and the "The Great Divide Tour". The planning we put in before riding certainly made our trip better. Please use this information to help plot out your journey. If you find the information useful, or have a question, please contact me or use the "Guest Book" link above.

Our ride began in Seattle Washington and ended in Tucson Arizona (Scottsdale Arizona for Don and Manny). The trip began May 12th, the 1st riding day the 13th. Checkout the original full ride plan, original full ride plan. The trip finished 14 days later, 13 riding days, on May 25th. Total riding miles 3889.

During the journey we passed through the state of Washington heading east from Seattle to Republic. Then north to Canada, through many towns including Kamloops, Kootenay Bay, Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise. From Banff, we headed south back into the United States into Montana. We passed by Glacier National Monument, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Durango, Santa Fe, and Ruidoso.

Click on each of the dated ride logs to the left to see the details of the rides including maps.

Ride safe and enjoy.

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The weather predictions in Canada were spot on. We had great weather up north. The most challenging weather was in Montana and in New Mexico, more south.

We were happy to see these Canadian weather predictions.

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