Kootenai National Forest in northern Montana, 1 day Loop Ride.

Riding the northwest. Ah. So nice. The 3rd ride of our summer journey of 2019, Bernadette and I rode up and around the Kootenai National Forest in northern Montana.

Our ride (https://goo.gl/maps/Xd98UmpYy84JEhsZ7) started and finished from Sandpoint, Idaho, and would be a day-loop-ride of 300 miles, 6.5 hours (9.5 hours including stops and lunch). This is the absolute maximum I can do these days on the motorcycle.

The 1st stop of the ride was in Yaak then on to Dodge Summit, Jennings, Libby, Troy, and Cabinet.

One of the benefits of having a base-camp to launch rides from is that if the weather is bad one day, wait a day. That’s what happened on this ride. We had planned this one for Thursday, June 27th. But rainstorms rolled in all over and lasted the whole day. We postponed one day and enjoyed temps in the mid-70s and sunny skies for our entire ride. Victory.

We left Sandpoint at 8 am, rode into Yaak for a coffee break at the Coffee Shaak (not on Google). Coffee in the northwest never is bad. We stopped in at Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company in Libby for lunch. Made it back to the resort in Sandpoint at 5:45 pm. Total ride miles was 300.

For many miles, there was absolutely no traffic. We had the roads all to ourselves. And a good thing too. Many of the roads where mountain roads that were practically only one lane wide. We saw lots of smaller trees laying in the road from the previous day rainstorms. The summits were absolute serenity.

This route was stunning as any in the northwest here. Some of this route followed the Kootenay River and Lake Koocanusa (created by the Libby dam).

The route we followed took us along route 56 south during the ride, stopping at the Ross Creek Cedars Scenic Area where we hiked a mile into a very old cedar grove. (https://goo.gl/maps/fYBtKgZTsNwMjqPh6)

The last leg of the ride, we passed the Cabinet Gorge Reservoir and Lake Pend Oreille, which is the same lake we’re staying on for the week. These are large beautiful lakes.

I am thankful for every day I get the opportunities to see this beautiful country from the seat of a motorcycle.

The map of our one-day-loop ride, Kootenai National Forest

The winds were blowing the flowers off these trees creating a summer snow going upward.

Kootenai River Country, Libby, Montana.
Map of the Yaak River Area near Troy Montana in the Kootenai National Forest
Berni, Yaak River Area near Troy Montana in the Kootenai National Forest
The Coffee Shaak in Yaak. The young man who built the coffee house serves a pretty good cup of coffee. Best anywhere. — in Yaak, Montana.
Welcome to Libby Dam, Libby Montana
The Libby Dam. — in Libby, Montana.
The Libby Dam. — in Libby, Montana.
The Libby Dam. — in Libby, Montana.