Five Day Loop Run, Marana to Death Valley, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead

We just ended a five day ride, 1306 miles total,  me, Don and brother Dave.

This was an easy run, less than 300 miles a day. The ride started in Marana AZ with the 1st stop in Henderson NV.

On the second day, we rode from Henderson NV to Red Rock Canyon, and then onto Death Valley National Park. We ended the day in Beatty NV where we checked in at the Atomic Inn, last rooms left. Beatty was an okay stop. Let’s just say we hope for a better future for Beatty NV.

On the start of the third day, we headed south on US-95, a quick stop at the Area 51 Alien Center, then onto Mount Charleston, a mountain ride reaching 8000 feet, and then back to Las Vegas to end day 3.

Day 4 started with a run up I-15, north east toward Moapa NV where we started our ride through to the Valley of Fire State Park.  Outside the park, on  the eastern side, we followed route 167 southward toward Boulder NV, this road runs along the west side of Lake Mead. We ended the day in Henderson NV.

On the 5th, and last day, I returned to Marana AZ starting from Henderson.  Don stayed back in Henderson and Dave set out with me, his final destination, Parker AZ.  Dave and I rode together through Boulder NV, over Hoover Dam and into Kingman AZ. Before parting at I-40, we made a quick stop for breakfast at Rosie’s Den Cafe & Saloon on US-93 in White Hills AZ. Great coffee and breakfast, great company.  Rosie’s cafe has been there since the 1930s. The original restaurant burnt down in 2011 and rebuilt a few years later.  There really was a Rosie. She passed in 2015. Those who new Rosie Larsen, speak of her with admiration and with great regard.  Her ashes are entombed in the original concrete steps with the words “Mother of the Desert”, “Amazing Woman”.  Visiting places like this, meeting people in places like this, is what riding is all about.

The temperatures during the entire ride ranged between 50 to 76 degrees, for the most part. This was perfect riding weather. We fought some challenging winds in Death Valley and along the highways, US-95 and the 215 in Las Vegas. But for the most part, the roads were quite manageable.

Best part of the ride was the road through Death Valley and running US-95 side-by-side with Don, both of us on R1200 RT BMW bikes. Later on, Dave met up and rode with us the second half of the 5-day ride on his Kawasaki Concours 14, a very capable road bike. Riding with Dave on the 5th day along US-93, through the Hoover Dam area in Arizona, was awesome too.

Worst part of the ride was making my way through the Phoenix area in Arizona, especially where I-17 and I-10 come together. The temperature rose to 93 and I had to work my way out of heavy, stopped, traffic. Good planning, and several stops at shaded Chevron gas stations, helped out.

All told, this was an awesome ride and experience.

Thanks, Don and Dave!