One of my long time passions is for the game of backgammon.

Backgammon is the oldest known game.  It is too often misunderstood as simplistic a random game of dice and chips.  In short study, one will quickly learn this game is an exciting strategic game that challenges the mind like no other.

With the popularity of the Internet, this game has found a new modern life.  Playing against real people while allowing the mechanics of the game to be managed by computer is a wonderful mix.

I combined my passion for programming and my passion for backgammon to have created a online playing interface for this game.

I have created a WordPress plugin to provide ease of implementation of the board-play software. You can download the ZIP of the Plugin here, or directly from via

The future holds more as I plan to create a fully managed online backgammon tournament system in conjunction with the board-play interfaces already available.

Look for updates at any of my backgammon websites: and

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