LDAP and WordPress

Just published my latest work on my WordPress LDAP plugin at:


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This plugin will enable WP authentication and role management from LDAP server. Users who log in to your WP site are authenticated by first matching the username input against an attribute to local the RDN. Then a bind is performed against the RDN. Upon successful bind, authentication is approved. Local WP user management is engaged by initializing and maintaining user DB records.

Simply create your users in your LDAP directly. Define access rights or “roles” to specific WP sites. When the user logs into the WP site, the local DB user entry is created.

Use LDAP to define users in one place for access to one or many WP sites.

User passwords in the local DB are replaced with jumbled text and are unusable. All password information is maintained in LDAP.

User information ( Display Name, Nick Name, Nice Name, First Name, Last Name ) are maintained in master form in LDAP and stored and updated (synced) to the local DB when the user logs in.