Frank Koenen

Hello, my name if Frank. This is my website where I post things I’d like to share with you.

I spend most of the time with my head down on my keyboard, developing software to support businesses running primarily on the Internet, businesses who’s core services are integral with having a presence on the Internet.

Even before the inception of the World-Wide-Web, back in my days at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, I have been involved with computer science, software development and systems engineering. I like to boast that I was a member of the team at Fermilab charged with the task of introducing the World-Wide-Web to the laboratory in Batavia, IL.

Click here to read more about my professional experience.

When I’m not programming, you will find me riding some kind of two or three wheeled contraption, either pedal powered or combustion engine. I enjoy riding my mountain bike or riding, in tandem, with my wife on our recumbent style 3-wheel CatTrikes. My favorite game is Backgammon. I invite you to come play anytime.

Probably by now I have over a million miles on the road behind me riding motorcycle, having been a motorcyclist since I was 18 years old. Nowadays I enjoy posting online journals of my rides to share with you. I have them posted here Motorcycle Journey Journals.

Drop me a line sometime, I’d like to hear from you.